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Arbor Plans, Pergola and Gazebo Plans can save you Money

It's true that do-it-yourself construction will save you money. Arbor plans, pergola, and gazebo blueprints are available in illustrated how-to books for under $20 online. These books are generously filled with step-by-step detailed photos and instructions. Plans within, enable you to construct by following their design template. We suggest that you take a look at our Bookstore. We keep it stocked with the best build your own Books.


Looking for arbor plans? See "Trellises and Arbors and Pergolas: Ideas and Plans for Garden Structures. Also, check out, "Landscaping with Wood," by Scott McBride. Visit our BookStore.

Building an arbor: Skills

To build an arbor yourself, you will need to have intermediate carpentry skill and have the necessary woodworking tools. Plan on blocking out a full day for construction, and don't forget to call up your favorite buddy to lend you a hand: you'll need it!

What's included in a set of arbor and pergola plans

Plans generally include; a blueprint of your arbor, a material list, and step by step instructions. Some plans include sectional drawings and elevation details along with diagrams, photos and/or illustrations.

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