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Arrow Sheds - Why these Metal Storage Sheds are Worth Buying!

Arrow sheds are made from steel and can used to store outdoor garden equipment and patio furniture. Most of these metal sheds are sold to homeowners in the US, and if you are interested in buying one there are a number of models to choose from. You can select by style and size, but how ornate can you get with metal? The nice thing about Arrow storage sheds is that they can be assembled by two people in one day (generally). The cost effectiveness to buying a metal shed as compared to wood or plastic is one reason Arrow's sheds are popular and known by name.

What to consider before buying

Keep in mind before buying ANY shed - the local building requirements set out by your town. A garden shed over 100 square feet may require a permit before you set it up. In Florida where hurricanes are a factor, you will need to add special construction features to an Arrow shed. Putting the Arrow structure on a concrete block, and reinforcing the roof and walls with extra bracing is part of what is required, and for good reason. In areas where there is a lot of ice, wind, hail and snow reinforcing the roof is extremely important. And, Arrow recommends keeping snow levels less than one foot to protect your shed. The company's warranty will not cover damage due to ice, hail, wind or snow. In any event, be sure to check out your local building requirements first, no matter where you live!

What's in a kit? Arrow metal storage units come with all of the necessary parts. They do not, however, come with the tools to build it, which are: a #2 Philips Head screwdriver, work gloves, a stepladder and a pair of pliers. Also sold separately but REQUIRED for your structure is an Arrow anchor kit. As for the foundation Arrow manufactures a Floor Frame Foundation Kit. You can buy this kit and put wood flooring on top, if you like. Other choices consist of pouring a concrete slab or building a wood deck/floor.

Arrow shed accessories

Besides the above mentioned, Arrow storage shed accessories:

  • Roof strengthening snow kit
  • Foundation floor kit
  • Anchor kit

You can also buy: shelves, tool racks, a weathervane, a door tune up kit, and an attic work bench kit.


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