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Fences: Garden Fences Make Good Neighbors!

They say good fences make good neighbors so why not put one up? Whether you build your own, buy some fence panels, or hire a contractor, you'll still be looking at some of the same results garden fences can offer: privacy, security, and keeping your pets and young children on your property.

If you're looking for a decorative or ornamental enclosure, there are many fence styles to choose from. A favorite that never goes out of style is the picket fence - a great choice for the front of the house; especially when you like talking to your neighbors. Contrast that with a privacy fence, where, even if you do like chatting with the people on the block, you don't have to. Aluminum fences are another popular choice. These can be bought in a variety of styles, colors and heights and generally require very little maintenance once installed.

Types of fencing

There are many types of fences to consider from very simple to very affordable to very decorative. Here are some examples:

  • Very simple - the split rail fence, which you often see in rural home locations and KNOW there's got to be a horse somewhere on the property.
  • Very affordable - 1) a vinyl fence: no maintenance or painting is ever required, looks like wood; you can buy fence panels and components online or at a local fencing store. 2) a chain link fence: definitely cheaper than most yard fence structures; but ugly, so cover it with vines quickly! 3) An aluminum fence: low cost, low maintenance, looks great. 4) pool fences: very important for safety.
  • Very decorative - iron and wrought iron fences, here you'll find interesting patterns and details. Now you'll have something to talk to your neighbors about!

Types of fences by material:

  • Vinyl
  • Chain link
  • Wooden (Cedar, Redwood)
  • Metal (steel, aluminum, iron)
  • Wire
  • Bamboo
  • PVC

Fence components and accessories:

  • Caps
  • Rails
  • Fence posts
  • Panels
  • Gates


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