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garden structures and vertical accents

Garden Arbor Tips!

There are several ways to incorporate a garden arbor into your outdoors space. And, If you hadn't thought of it, there is also a way to create a green arbor, using evergreen shrubs. However, most arbors are made from materials like cedar, metals and vinyl. In recent years, vinyl arbor sales have increased because the quality and durability of this material for outdoor use, is unlike any other. Vinyl also requires zero maintenance.

How to Incorporate a Garden Arbor?

  • 1) use it to create vertical interest over a walkway or passage
  • 2) buy one for a beautiful gathering point like a wedding ceremony
  • 3) place it in a secluded part of your garden, (add a bench) and use it as a retreat
  • 4) place one at the entrance of your home's front walkway

1) Walkway or passage

Dress up the garden with a walkway arch or arbor positioned somewhere along a garden path. These locations are the perfect spot for a freestanding structure, adding interest and dimension yearlong. Grow favorite vines like rose, honeysuckle and jasmine for fragrance and beauty. In a slightly shadier spot, try clematis.

2) Wedding arbor

Set the stage for a romantic and beautiful wedding ceremony. Wedding arbors and pergolas offer a wonderful canopy for a wedding ceremony. Choose one that is close to 5 feet in width for spaciousness. If the garden is yours, enjoy the arbor for future outdoor gatherings. If you are looking for a portable Chuppah canopy, you may want to buy an arbor and take it down afterwards. Decorate with tulle fabrics and romantic flowers.

3) A restful arbor retreat

Enjoy peaceful and relaxing moments in a secluded part of your garden where you've located your arbor. Accessorized with a bench, seat or arbor swing and festoon with lacy vines; this structure makes a delightful resting spot.

4) An entryway arch

For curb appeal and to make a nice statement upon entering your property, entrance arbors are very decorative. Add security and keep pets and small children enclosed by including accessories such as a gate and fencing. You can buy an easy to assemble kit such as Ultralast Nantucket II Grande Arbor which includes fence and gate and is made with high grade polyvinyl.

If you decide to build your own, which can be done by buying a set of inexpensive arbor plans, your material list will likely include pressure treated wood. To tackle the project you'll want to have at least intermediate carpentry skills. Of course, buying one online is a lot easier.

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