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Garden Storage Shed: Review

Trying to stay organized outdoors is not as easy as it sounds. The decision to buy a garden storage shed usually comes about after living in chaos for a couple of seasons. But finally you realize, things would look a lot better outdoors; and projects would actually run more smoothly if there was a central area separate from your house to store garden and lawn equipment, tools, buckets, and whatever else.

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affordable outdoor sheds
Some people are just meat and potatoes folk and don't want to take out a second mortgage to pay for a luxury saltbox shed. While this is a gross exaggeration, simple vinyl Rubbermaid and metal sheds do just fine for storage and are very economical. Steel sheds are popular: Arrow Sheds manufactures a number of spacious, easy to assemble kits which contain pre-drilled and pre-cut parts. Adding accessories like freestanding and hanging racks, shelves, and a bench can turn your little garden shed into a true villa. For a hard plastic shed 7' X 7,' estimated cost $580. For a steel shed 10' X 8,' estimated cost $540.

high-end pine and cedar storage sheds
Back in New England where pine trees dominate, so do pine storage sheds. On the West Coast, lumber for outdoor storage sheds tends to be Cedar. And these sheds can be pretty astounding and cute; so much so that you may forget about storing your boat oars and beach chairs and move right in! But really, if aesthetics matter, go with a wood shed. If you need a small shed to store a few gardening tools like shovel, rakes, loppers and pruning shears, go with a garden hutch 4' X 6' estimated price $850. Wood storage bins are another choice. For more a more spacious shed consider one that is 6' X 6' to 8' X 12,' estimated cost from $1,595 to $4,000.

General considerations
The overall size of the shed is important especially if you'll be storing tractors, snow blowers and big garden equipment. (If this is the case, make sure it has double doors) Keep in mind the structures height as well as width. Also, you will need to consult with your municipality to determine whether or not you need a special permit. Generally a structure of 100 square feet or less will not require a special permit. Additionally, you will need to deal with the foundation and flooring beforehand, as most storage shed kits come only with roof, walls and door opening. To build your own structure, take advantage of the numerous, inexpensive shed plans available online.


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