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garden structures and vertical accents

Looking to Buy a Garden trellis?

Looking to buy a garden trellis to train some vines? Good. Not only are you doing the plants a favor, you'll also be adding some vertical interest where bare walls just won't due. But seriously, trellis structures offer a wonderful support for vines and climbing plants and can even be used to support an espalier if desired. Vinyl trellises, wood, copper and iron are the main materials used in pre-made garden trellises. You can easily make a rustic trellis yourself out of bent willow branches or another source. For a stylish design, building your own trellis is an option, but buying a trellis panel or freestanding obelisk trellis is far easier.

Trellis for training

Trellises are very effective structures for growing vines and climbing plants like roses and grapes. You can position trellis panels against a fence or wall of the house. To create a garden room attach vertical trellis panels to a wall or buy a freestanding one to create a vertical form where you can essentially create a wall or screen effect. Train vines in by attaching stems with garden tie. Some vines, like Passion Vines, have tendrils which will wrap around lattice without much assistance. It's always a good idea though, to make sure that the vine is fanning outward or has laterals well positioned to cover the trellis.

Trellises for small garden spaces

With the use of a trellis planter and screens you can create privacy and enclosure. Planters with attached trellis are great for small scale patios and roof top gardens where horizontal space and planting room is limited. Garden trellises and obelisks add interest upward where an otherwise flat plane is prevalent. Lattice screens are handy in small outdoor spaces attached to structures. These freestanding structures typically come in wood, or iron and can hide unwanted views or just create privacy.


Looking for trellis plans? See "Trellises and Arbors and Pergolas: Ideas and Plans for Garden Structures." Also, check out, "Landscaping with Wood," by Scott McBride. Visit our BookStore.

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