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Gazebo Kits and Designs - Explore your Options

Who would have thought that the gazebo, once a fanciful open on all sided structure, would morph into a sheltering ornament with so many desired uses. Today's version of the gazebo plays host to outdoor weddings and tea ceremonies. Popular too, is the gazebo spa. Soaking while surrounded by a beautiful amish county gazebo is one relaxing way to spend time. And, quick installation from one of the many paneled gazebo kits, makes installation lightening fast. Gardens, patios, and beach views all can make exceptional locations for an outdoor gazebo.

Find a complete selection of Gazebo Kits
Priced as low as $275

Build your own gazebo or buy a kit?

Looking into buying, or building your own gazebo from scratch? Good, because there are a lot of options. For the do-it-yourself handy craft type person, building your own gazebo with a little help from a practically free plan, (very cheap) can get you going. Most gazebo plans include drawings, material list, elevation, building instructions and advice. (see below)


Looking for a great book about Gazebo construction? "Building the Perfect Gazebo", by David Schiff is it! From floor to ceiling, this is the guide that will take backyard builders step by step through the entire process of constructing an individualized, impressive gazebo. Visit our Bookstore

Another choice is to bite the bullet and buy a gazebo kit. Sure they're expensive around $2,000 and up. But a good garden structure will cost you! Kits typically come with either pre-cut or panelized pieces. If you are a couch potato at heart, go for the panelized kits. They cost a little more, but you'll get your gazebo up faster.

Kit designs - Amish country and spa gazebos

Keep in mind that there are many gazebo styles and kits to choose from. Three popular choices include: Amish country gazebos, Traditional and Victorian. Octagonal and Hexagon shaped gazebos come in sizes 8', 10,' 12,' and 14.'

Spa gazebos are also very popular. If you are looking to enlcose your spa, look for a square shaped gazebo. And finally: materials. Do yourself a visual favor and buy wood. Cedar is a desirable choice and will hold up well against the weather. Other choices include: metal like aluminum and steel, bent willow and vinyl.

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