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Greenhouse Benches - Store Plants on Aluminum or Cedar Benches

When you need to create more room for planting trays and potted plants in your greenhouse it's time to revisit your options. Greenhouse benches and staging units provide standard shelving for plant storage. Benches or shelves can also be used to handle propagation tasks, hold small tools, and a watering can. Since there are a variety of materials used to construct a greenhouse bench, you can choose from wood or go with a lightweight material like aluminum, fiberglass or recycled plastic.

When choosing a material, here are some key factors to consider:

  • Durability
  • Cleanliness
  • Long life
  • Weather resistance (rust, rot and decay)
  • Does the bench have slats to provide necessary air circulation

Also, make sure that your greenhouse benches provide space for both growing plants and work space. If there's not enough space, consider purchasing (or building) a potting bench as a work area. These structures are great for doing basic routine horticultural tasks like dividing plants, potting-up plants and preparing seed trays.

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