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Grow racks with plastic covers help extend the growing season!

If you are looking to extend the growing season, but don't want to spend a lot of money, consider buying a grow rack. These plant racks look a lot like etageres, because they contain lots of shelves; however, most grow racks include a removable UV coated plastic cover. This cover generally zips around the rack to keep young seedlings and plants warm and protected. For ventilation, the plastic cover typically includes several flaps or pockets that are easy to open. Ventilation flaps keep your plants from overheating or burning up.

What's available?

To buy, take a look at our article about portable greenhouses. Many racks are included in the selection we recommend at

There are several types of growing racks available, depending on you needs and space. A corner grow rack is an efficient way to use a typically unused corner. But it won't do much good if it is in the shade.

Some people choose to buy a growing rack, as a decorative way to display plants. In this case, you would not use the plastic. However, if you are planning on using the rack in a greenhouse or portable greenhouse, consider its' size and shape. Most racks and shelves are made with a steel frame for strength. Many are have a green powder coated finish for protection.

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