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Outdoor Refrigerator - Keep the Party Rolling!

One way to keep the party rolling outdoors is to consider your options in an outdoor refrigerator. Did you know that besides the now familiar compact size refrigerator that sits beneath an outdoor kitchen island, as a built in, there are other cooling options out there? Take for example, a portable caddy refrigerator that houses wine, beer, and other beverages and snacks, and can be pushed around poolside at your next pool party. Won't guests be impressed! Though not inexpensive by any means, your choice in an exterior refrigerator has some reasonable price points.

About outdoor refrigeration options

Price: Budget minded homeowners can be prepared to drop at least $1250 and up for a typical stainless steel UL rated outdoor compact refrigerator. Brands such as Marvel, U-Line and Summit are the main manufacturers. Also take a look at Franklin, this company makes a 4.8 cu foot unit that costs approximately $700.

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For an even better refrigerator bargain, (in the right situation) some people buy a compact stainless steel refrigerator: Danby is one that gets chosen. However, this model is not UL listed and is designed for indoor use. (This means the warranty won't protect you if you're using it outdoors). So, if you decide to go for it, it costs around $400; to protect the refrigerator you'll want to store it indoors to protect from the elements and harsh winters. If using as a build-in in an outdoor kitchen island, make sure to include more space for the cut out. This way you can easily unplug the machine and remove it with ease.

Types: There are many styles of outdoor refrigerators and coolers. Portable ones, which roll around on wheels, make for convenience and flexibility. Some units are designed as both refrigeration units and refreshment centers. Not only can you keep your meats cool for the evening grilling, you can also store and chill sodas, wine, beer and sparkling waters. Portable bars and caddy are another choice (mentioned above). Marvel makes several fancy models; they remind me of being on the Bullet train in Japan and being served beverages and snacks with a similar portable caddy. Other choices include: The Kegorators or outdoor beer cooler, and less expensive stainless steel beverage carts.

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