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Portable Greenhouse - Find out what's Available

There are a number of advantages to buying a portable greenhouse and the main one includes price. For a fraction of the price (they cost from less than $100 to $400) you can set up a greenhouse and get growing. These structures vary, you can buy a portable cold frame for under $100 or go for a small walk in flowerhouse for around $200 to $400. How are they made? Most are made from polyethylene plastic. For the larger portable greenhouses, most are self erecting. They are designed with materials like Gro-tec that is waterproof and UV resistant. Other materials like Rip Stop, helps to protects from winds, rain and snow and also helps maintain humidity levels. For venting, portable greenhouses tend to have screened in entries that also keep mosquitos and other insects out. Like a tent, tie downs and stakes are generally included to keep the greenhouse secure during high winds.

Portable Greenhouse kits

If you are looking to buy a portable or moveable greenhouse certain similarities from model to model exist. You will find that even the smallest portable kits are made with:

  • A fiberglass frame
  • Waterproof polyethylene cover
  • Wide zipper opening
  • Screened vents
  • Ground stakes and anchors
  • Tote bag for transportation

There are many types of portable greenhouses available. However, for the walk in flowerhouse kind, most are designed to:(1) house numerous plants, (2) accommodate shelving, (3) take advantage of vertical space, (3) accommodate a garden hose.

Buying a Portable Greenhouse Online?

Find a Complete selection of Portable Greenhouses:

shelf greenhouse
cold frames

Best location? You can set-up a portable greenhouse at home. Assemble it in a sunny part of the backyard and keep your flowers, herbs, veggies and seeds happy, protected and growing well. Portable greenhouses also provide business opportunities; set one up at the weekend farmers market and begin selling small starter plants like tomatoes and herbs.


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