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The Organized Gardener: Try Using a Potting Bench!

Having a potting bench is a great way to enjoy keeping organized in the garden. Having a central area: the work surface of your bench enables you to do gardening tasks such as dividing plants and then potting them up. It also provides you with a surface to start seed flats or to prune greenhouse plants. As for storage, you can use the bottom shelf of the bench to store small pots, potting soil, hand tools or a watering can. Good new; you'll know where to find them when you need them.

About potting benches

Most potting benches are made of wood and the most common choices are cedar, pine, shorea, and aspen. A typical potting workbench includes a top and bottom shelf. The shelves are typically slats, which allows for drainage and air circulation. Some wooden and cedar benches have additional features such as a drawer, useful for storing twine and plant labels; a lattice grid, designed to hang small garden tools from; and wheels, for convenience and portability. (Benches may be painted or stained or sold as unfinished wood.) Estimated cost: $150 and up.

Gardener's potting bench - when you need a cheap solution

For under $100 you can buy a two-tier potting or staging table. Look for resin, and look for a sale online! Another choice is to buy a set of potting bench plans online and build your own. The price of a typical blueprint of this size should be under $20. The work station's design plans should include: drawings, step by step building instructions, and a material list. Some plans include additional photos or illustrations.

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