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Rion Greenhouses Review

Rion Greenhouses are made for easy installation and maintenance. Resin frames snap together easily and kits are made strong and sturdy, designed to withstand several feet of snow. Rion makes several greenhouses. They make the professional series and offer a number of models, differering mainly, in size. For the hobbyist, Rion makes affordable, greenhouse kits starting with the 6' x 8' x 7'2" EasyGrow Greenhouse. It costs around $1000. The next model up, Prestige, is 8' 6" wide x 8' tall. You can choose from lengths: 8'6", 12',16', 20' and 24.' Prestige comes with roof vents, Automatic Window Louvres, Solar Light Kit, Rain Gutters w/ Downspouts and 2 Tier Staging Tables.

About Rion Greenhouses

About: Rion greenhouses are made in Europe where constucion standards are strict. Each greenhouse is made with fully insulated polycarbonate panel and are designed with a modular structure that allows you to expand if you desire. Also, Rion's houses "all" include spacious headroom with a cleverly designed barn shaped roof.

Assembly: With the exception of a phillips head screw driver, there are no special tools required for assembly. Greenhouses have snap framing and will take 2 people about 4 to 6 hours to put together. Each greenhouse is designed with features including:

  • polycarbonate panels
  • roof vents
  • barn-shaped roof

To expand the unit, you can buy Rion extensions, sold in 2' increments. This is true for both, Rion's compact hobby greenhouse and the larger professional greenhouse kits.

Greenhouse Selection:

Two important factors to consider when selecting a greenhouse is (1) Is the construction is safe? and, 2) Is it durable enough to handle your location? Factors such as wind and snow-load need to be considered, especially in areas where, one, or both, are a part of the calendar year. About Rion:

  • Units have withstood gusts up to 80 mph. In higher wind storms polycarbonate panels may blow out and need to be replaced. (The company recommends labeling panels so that if this does happen, you know where each panel goes).
  • Snow load capacity is approximately 1,100 lbs.


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