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Storage Shed Plans - Get Building!

Buying a set of storage shed plans is one of the most popular ways for a homeowner to begin building a shed. With so many do-it-yourself folks out there, purchasing blueprints for quality garden shed designs is like hiring an architect; only a fraction of the cost. If you are looking to buy shed plans to enable you to store items like gardening tools and outdoor furniture, take a look at our recommendation below.



"Building a Shed," by Joe Truini. This well-illustrated guide offers a range of building options, with complete instructions and plans for four popular projects: saltbox potting shed, garden storage shed, storage barn, and lean-to tool locker. Visit our Bookstore!


Remember that most structures larger than 100 square feet require a building permit. Before executing a set of plans, be sure to consult with your local building department or consult with a professional builder or contractor in your area.

Types of plans available:

You don't have to go far to view some pretty impressive shed plans. Take a look online and the choices are astounding. Keep in mind, that the more elaborate and decorative the building structure, the more expensive it will likely be to construct. If you will be hiring someone to build the storage structure for you, time and materials need to be factored in. If you will be building the shed yourself, materials are your main expense. Note: for building an outdoor shed, you will need to build a foundation first. Concrete pads are excellent choices, and several other good options exist.

If you are looking for a decorative outdoor storage shed, there are many good designs to choose from including a saltbox , barn style and gable. There are also a number of attractive wood shed kits available.

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