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Residential Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing has become one of the most popular fencing choices in recent years. With many fence styles and types to choose from, homeowners can go with a vinyl privacy fence standing 8 feet tall or go with a semi-privacy fence standing 5 feet tall. Not to be disregarded, traditional picket fences (around 3 feet) are as inviting today as they were when your grandparents were kids; however, they didn't have vinyl to choose from.

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Why put up vinyl fence over a wooden one?

If you like the look of painted wood, a vinyl fence could have you fooled. Typically painted white by the manufacturer, these fencing structures will never again require painting. For that matter, once up, a vinyl fence will require almost no maintenance. Your main outdoor chore may be to wash the fences with soapy water occasionally to wash away environmental dirt and pollution. Compare that to a wood fence, which will likely need repainting, staining and replacement of rotting rails, posts, and gates at some point. Another reason to install a vinyl plastic fence is because it is cheaper than most other backyard fence materials.

You can buy all of the fencing components online including a vinyl garden gate, caps, posts and railing. Pre-made panels are also typically available at home centers throughout the country. The advantage, of buying online, however, is that you have far greater choice.

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