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Decorate your Rooftop with Weathervanes and Cupulas!

More than decoration, weathervanes provide useful weather information letting you know which direction the wind is blowing. Generally made out of copper, brass and steel a weathervane or vane is a wonderful decorative accessory for many outdoor locations including rooftops to homes and other outdoor structures (gazebos, greenhouses and garden sheds). For outdoor and indoor décor, weathervanes are also enjoyed at ground level by positioning the weathervane into a floor stand.

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About weathervanes

Your choice in weathervane selection includes beginning with size and material. As mentioned above, the most typical materials include: copper, brass, steel and cast aluminum. Copper is a great choice because it will patina if left to its' own devices, and the end result is character and charm. Sizes vary but you can select:

  • a small cottage garden size vane that is in scale with small garden structures and even a dog house
  • a standard or medium size vane that is in scale with a typical medium sized home and garage
  • a large vane that is in scale with bigger structures such as a barn, business or long roofline

Weathervane designs? Some of the most popular include: pig, rooster, dog, horse, boat, car, arrow, dolphin, bass, cow, golfer and lighthouse.

How to mount a weathervane?

For traditional weathervane roofline mounting, a cupula is typically used. The purpose of the cupula is twofold: it serves to accept the weathervane, and it is a charming decorative accent. Cupulas are available in wood and may have copper or aluminum detailing. In some cases you can order a cupula fitted precisely for your weathervane making installation easy. To save money, you may want to select another mounting choice; there are a number of roof and eve brackets to choose from.

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